Woven Forms

My current work creates objects that transform the wearer’s everyday understanding of jewelry: bringing an attention and awareness to one’s movement and presence when adorned. In my work, I explore material ambiguity and the physical and emotional connections that occur between the body and the jewelry object.

Within this work there is a focus on the surface qualities of materials. These tactile and haptic interactions drive my interest in their relationships to one another and the body.

Each object contains its own material fictions, where the material and structures begin to travel into a falsehood of sorts. Metal is treated like textile, and it begins to act as a fabric, which is a medium that also embraces the experience of touch and physical interaction with the individual.

Delicate linen thread acts as secure links, emphasizing the textile like qualities and haptic idiosyncrasies that my pieces have. Fragile enamel works as a means of structural support, contrasting with the soft crochet forms that still have volume, presence and depth that draw the viewer in.

I utilize these fictions to encourage interactions between the object and the body that supports them. These tactile communications manifest in the viewer emotionally and ultimately encourage the experience of connection.