Confront Yourself

I wanted to create a piece about Body Image and the constant struggle to reach the ideal. I have always strived to remain thin, and have always feared the possibility of putting on weight and losing definition. As a solution, I created a neck and shoulder piece that has a mirror. When you wear it, the mirror sits below your chin. To view yourself in the mirror, you must scrunch your chin into your neck.

The result: Chin folds. And lots of them.

By being forced to see yourself in an unflattering angle, you learn to come to terms with the inevitable, that your body will one day change. It may not be a drastic change, but it will not have the same youthful look to it. 

The shoulder pads and chains are incorporated into the piece with the intention of limiting the movement of the wearer. Another way to enforce the idea that you cannot escape and must learn to accept.